A Generational Advance in Antimicrobial Chemistry Provides Hope in Controlling Periodontal Disease

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Dr. Herb Moskowitz

Dr. Herb Moskowitz is the Chairman and Co-Founder of ioTech International. He is the co-author of ioTech's U.S. patent and global patent applications. He previously founded and served as Chairman and CEO of Advanced Tissue Sciences and Life Medical Sciences, two publicly traded medical technology companies. He has also practiced clinical dentistry for more than 25 years and is a graduate of the University of Tennessee Dental School.


1 CEU: Pre-recorded Webinar

COST: Free

SPONSOR: ioTech International


The finest dental care can be compromised by periodontal disease. Indeed, the lack of periodontal treatment, where indicated, can be considered "supervising the neglect of your patient's mouth." Since chronic periodontal deterioration occurs on a daily basis, it is essential that it be controlled on a daily basis. Your patient's daily home oral hygiene regimen is critical to this control.

A new generation of antimicrobial agents has been developed which should be an important part of this daily home oral hygiene regimen. These agents are far more effective than oral antiseptics and can be used daily to prevent the progression of periodontal disease. Pleasant tasting and non-staining, these state-of-the-art formulations are available as a rinse, a subgingival irrigant or as a gel for delivery with a custom tray. Their use will generate better patient compliance, improved treatment outcomes and could be an important new profit center for your practice. 

Webinar attendees will learn:

  1. The advantages and disadvantages of currently available oral antiseptics.
  2. About a recent breakthrough in antimicrobial chemistry leading to a new class of "super" oral antiseptics.
  3. How the new "super" antimicrobials compare to currently available oral antiseptics.
  4. How to implement the use of the new, "super" antimicrobials in your practice for the control of periodontal disease and other oral infections.