On Demand. Using Dental Lasers to Safely Treat the Medically Compromised Patient

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Dr. Mel A. Burchman, DDS, MALD

Dr. Burchman is considered a leading international expert in the field of Laser Dentistry. He has maintained a general dentistry practice in Bucks County, PA since 1976. He began using lasers in 1999 and now has eight lasers in his practice. In 2001, he received Advanced Proficiency in Nd: YAG from the A.L.D. In 2003, he received the "The Science Behind the Clinic of Laser Dentistry" award for his presentation on, "Nd: YAG and Diode Laser Therapy in the Medically Compromised Patient". In 2003, his office was featured in Men's Health Magazine "The Drill is Gone." In 2005 he received "Certified Laser Educator" status from the Academy of Laser Dentistry, and "Certificate of Mastership" in 2008. He is published twice in the Laser Academy Journal "Wavelengths" - "Lasers in the Medically Compromised Patient" and in 2012 received the "Leon Goldman Award" for laser clinical excellence. Dr. Burchman is immediate Past President, Academy of Laser Dentistry and Chairman of the 2019 Academy Conference.


TITLE: Using Dental Lasers to Safely Treat The Medically Compromised Patient

1 CEU: On Demand, Recorded Dental CE Webinar

AGD PACE Subject Code: 135, Laser Therapy

COST: No Charge

SPEAKER: Dr. Mel Burchman, DDS, MALD: President, Academy of Laser Dentistry

SPONSOR: Academy of Laser Dentistry


With medical and technological advances, people are living longer and contending with a wider variety of illnesses and diseases than ever before. As a result, the role of health care providers has never been more challenging. However, it is not just for the elderly that these techniques can be used on it's our young patients also.

These same medical and technological advances have also opened new doors for practitioners, particularly where laser dentistry is concerned. In this presentation participants will learn the ways in which lasers have made it possible to treat these patients in the dental office who would have previously required hospitalization to receive their dental care. The ability to successfully treat these patients with as little disruption to their lives as possible while also lowering treatment costs can make laser integration an invaluable asset to any office.

Attendees will learn a variety of applications for the use of lasers in the treatment of medically compromised patients including: laser hemostasis, the science  of photobiomodulation its benefits, how it works and is used in treatments for many dental conditions. For example: Burning Tongue , Trigeminal Neuroglia, Bell’s Palsy, Controlling motion disorders such as Parkinson’s Disease, a preventative PBM protocol to help prevent and decrease the severity of oral mucositis, Pre and Post-op PBM root canal and extraction techniques to decrease post op pain and the need for post op medications, how to activate acupuncture points by low level laser, and how to decrease TMJ Syndrome pain. Using Erbium lasers to remove boney protuberances without anesthesia, how to soften calcified root canal orifices and removing broken posts. Using lasers to treat periodontal conditions. Most of these techniques will be demonstrated by showing actual patient cases.

Because lasers give us bacterial decontamination their use tremendously decreases post op pain and complications. In turn this decreases the need for antibiotics making it easier for practitioners to follow the new ADA Antibiotic Prescribing Guidelines. I will also demonstrate how these techniques relate to the use of opioids and opioid abuse in our population. This is not an opioid course, but I will get into the science of opioids, opioid abuse and the new ADA Opioid prescribing regulations.


  • The link between oral and systemic health. Become familiar with the needs of today’s medically compromised patients and the ways in which they can be treated with lasers.

  • Learn laser hemostasis techniques for patients with clotting problems.

  • Understand how photobiomodulation can be used to treat oral mucositis, alleviate oral manifestations of autoimmune diseases, quell motion disorders, and relieve craniofacial pain and activate acupuncture points.

  • Learn surgical techniques for removing boney protuberances, and open calcified pulpal canals with erbium lasers.

  • Periodontal treatment using diode and Nd:YAG lasers in the treatment of a patients with prostate cancer, severe lymphedema and a super complex medical history.

  • How lasers decrease the need for antibiotics making it easier for practitioners to follow the new ADA Antibiotic Prescribing Guidelines.

  • The science of opioids, opioid abuse and the new ADA Opioid prescribing regulations.


Watch the recorded webinar above. At the conclusion you will be redirected to a brief evaluation to complete. CE verification will be emailed to your address. Questions? Email: info@virtualdentalexpo.com or call 888-964-3976


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Dr. Burchman is a private practice dentist in Langhorne, PA and Immediate Past President of the Academy of Laser Dentistry. He has disclosed no renumeration for this On Demand webinar or conflict of interest. He is not a paid speaker of this event.

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